Monday, 19 January 2009

Zombie Survival : Day Five cont...

Hello again, I apologise profusely for my lack of updating, but my battery ran out on this damned device and I had to wait till I got to a power supply to charge it up. Well since I last updated the situation has gone from bad, to worse, to “indifferent”. I’m minutes away from the secret laboratory from where I shall be able to get a cure for this Zombie Virus ™ well, hopefully anyway as if I don’t get the zombie cure ™ then I will join the relatively fast ranks of the un-dead. Since the incident with the mad scientist Polly is… oh wait! You’re probably wondering what the hell happened! Here am I gabbing on like a bored 9-5 office drone updating a blog!

Okay, so where were we…?

Ah yes, the bullet had left the chamber and was headed towards Royston, Milli and Polly… luckily for them, the mad scientist was much better at science than he was with a firearm and he missed wildly and shot off through the trees.

I used the opportunity to disarm the scientist, however we struggled and he fell head first onto the rock I had tried to kill the zombie with… killing the scientist straight away. Of course the questions came then as to the identity of the science corpse and why he was trying to shoot me. I feigned ignorance and Polly came over and took the gun off of the dead but no longer mad scientist.

Milli was not happy that Polly had the gun, she thought she should have it, I on the other hand thought that I should have the gun and obviously Royston thought that he should have the gun and we already knew how Polly felt about it as he was holding the gun… so we were in a predicament… Polly however came up with a really good idea. He said, we should all vote for another person, and the person who had the most votes gets the gun. We didn’t have any paper so he suggested we all stand in a circle, close our eyes and point at the person who should get to keep the only real defence we now had. So, we stood in a circle and I closed my eyes… the pain from my arm was really irritating me and hampering my cognitive abilities, but I thought through the pain.

Who should keep the gun? Royston so far had shown some guts but at the same time some cowardice, and he’s a bitter trigger happy, he’d probably use all our ammunition on one zombie. Polly was the most level headed guy out there and would only use the gun when it was absolutely necessary, but would he be too restrained with it? And Milli… well she was Scottish. But I had to choose one of them, so I pointed at Milli and opened my eyes… Polly was gone, with the gun.

“Well that’s just fucking fucktastic isn’t it?” Royston complained with muchos bravado. Milli started to cry, and I was slowly turning into a zombie… things weren’t looking good for us… until I searched the science corpse’s body and found… a PDA with a map of the island! HUZAH!!!

Looking at it, we weren’t too far away from the secret laboratory which housed the Zombie Cure ™. How convenient I thought…

After a trek through some harsh terrain, all the whilst my arm bleeding out, we came upon a tunnel… it was the entrance to the secret laboratory… only problem was the tunnel was full of zombies.

We found a small security hut outside the tunnel, where the zombies couldn’t see us and have hauled up here. Milli suggested waiting till night fall and getting past them when they sleep, Royston and I looked at each other in disbelief and began to conduct a different plan… but one that will use nightfall also… so now we wait…

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