Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Zombie Survival : Day 2 cont...


Well what a perfect end to a perfect evening, myself and milli are hauled up in the chemist, Royston is probably dead or worse...

After leaving the relative saftey of the Bamboo Barricaded room 333, we made our way down the stairs and into the lobby. This is when Royston and Milli learnt what we were up against, as my ex-girlfriend was coming towards us, and she was hungry, but luckily she was also slow as she was missing both legs. Royston did the only thing he thought would help, and ran back up the stairs shouting "screw you guys". So it was up to me and Milli to fell the fiend.

"What should we do?" I asked her, knowing full well that destroying the brain would be the only way to kill it. Milli mused for a moment as the thing pulled itself closer, then began to scream. It's up to me then... So I skillfully jumped over the zombie torso, slipping as I landed on the blood soaked bamboo floor but managed to steady myself with a mop that propped up against the wall. Grabbing the mop I proceed to bludgeon the ex's head in till it popped, blood splattering all over Milli as she screamed.

I managed to coax Royston downstairs and Milli told us that the Chemists was about three buildings down. Only problem was, Milli's screaming had worked the zombies into a frenzy, and the bamboo lobby door didn't seem to be able to hold them much longer. Royston, had an idea though, he theorised that we could jump out the 2nd floor windows and land on the roof of the neighbouring building, then jump roof to roof till we got to the chemists. Wow, I thought, what a brilliant yet foolhardy plan, let's do it!

We took the keys to a 2nd floor room, and got to the balcony windows, sure enough the neighbouring shop's roof was a stones throw away. Milli asked the only sensible question "Who's first?" But without a second thought Royston pushed us out the way and said just before he leapt "Last one there's a rotten egg!"

It was a fantastic moment seeing him soar through the air, land on the roof of the building next door, and the fall through the bamboo roof into the building. "I'm... I'm okay!" He shouted up at us. We weren't the only people to notice Royston's leap, all the zombie's proceeded to turn away from Hotel Lollypop, and instead poured into the building Royston had jumped into, giving us the needed distraction to run to the chemists for the ailing (and probably undead) Pope.

Milli and I shot out of the Bamboo lobby and ran down the high street, turning round a corner and a couple of doors later we were at the chemists, I closed the door behind me and pulled a stack of shelves up against the door to barricade it. Milli turned to me and said "What drugs should we get?"
I was flabberghasted... I had no idea what "medicine" Polly had wanted us to bring back. The only thing I remember from first aid training was to call an ambulance after you put them in the recovery position. I told her to grab as much as she could, then there was a noise at the door, banging harder and harder. The zombies had found us, so Milli and I ran to the back room and locked ourselves in. That's where we are now at the end of Day 2, hopefully Royston found some saftey before being devoured, and hopefully Pope hasn't died, comeback and eaten everyone else...

On reflection this isn't a true zombie survival situation as I'm well aware of certain elements, like important locations on this island, the lab it all started in for instance. Am I the villain of this piece? Well... I have killed an entire island of innocents, probably indirectly two good friends and edangered the rest of them to a fate worse than death. All in the name of curiosity.

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