Friday, 9 January 2009

Zombie Survival : Day Four

Well day four (like a pair of trousers from the 60's) had some interesting turn ups.

I last left you when I was climbing back into the jeep, Braymachine had been mauled to death by zombies and Pope is slowly dying, we were headed to the Hospital to find help for Pope and to nobodys knowledge but my own, we were also going to try and find the cure from the secret lab my scientists were working from and as far as I was aware they were still there.

The hospital was some way away, we drove through the night and into the early hours until we came upon the hospital, however, it was crawling with zombies... Polly parked the jeep up behind a large hedge row and the zombies hadn't noticed us yet, and he came up with an idea. One of us would distract the zombies with the jeep, whilst the others snuck into the hospital and sorted out Pope with some much needed medicine... she'd started to complain that she was famished and had a crazy look in her eye, so I needed to get the Zombie Cure (tm) before she turned full blown zombie. We decided the Royston would drive the jeep as I can't drive, Pope was obviously not fit to drive, Polly needed to apply any first aid we found to Pope and Milli is scottish.

So the four of us hid behind a (convinient) log, whilst Royston prepped for the distraction. He beeped the horn, and the zombies came running, then he reversed the car, did a 180 turn and began to drive down the road, it was working the zombies all followed him like... well zombies. However Royston's victory was short lived when the Jeep stalled due to lack of petrol, with a (swarm? Herd? Flock?) of zombies chasing him, he legged it. I felt bad for Royston, he'd tried to help us out on several occasions and always ended up in the most danger, but I had to focus on the pressing issue at hand, stopping pope getting bitey.

The Hospital was deserted, blood smeered the walls and partially eaten corpses littered the halls. I hoped that this hospital was in this state due to the zombie virus (tm) and not because of underfunding from the Island's government... whoever they were... That made me wonder what had happened to the local government?... I remembered that there was a city next to Nefarius's active volcano. (I was in a bidding war to get this Island, the other guy was a mad scientist bent on world domination) So I thought after this, maybe we could go investigate...

Polly thought it'd be best if we split up... the retard! He took Milli, who was so jumpy that when I let out a sly fart, she nearly stabbed me with her bamboo fashioned pointy stick! (Damn that gym instructor for not teaching us how to defend agaist someone coming at us with a pointy stick!) And I took the steadily worsening Pope... which suited me fine as I could get her cured in a jiffy... by jiffy I mean time not a cure her in a jiffy bag.

So polly and Milli went off and I took Hayley down the back passage... sorry... secret passage, using a keycard I'd been hiding. I ran straight to the computer and input the password I'd memorised and found the location of the zombie cure... however it was in the OTHER secret laboartory... housed under the active volcano... great. I turned round to Pope to apologise, when she bit into my arm. I let out a girly high pitched scream and beat her off with a Lever Arch Folder... I didn't want to kill her so I locked her in a locker. So now I'm reviewing the notes from the scientists to find out how long I've got left... who's stupid idea was this anyw... oh yeah...

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