Thursday, 15 January 2009

Zombie Survival : Day Five

Before we'd gone to sleep in the wooded area we'd found after climbing out from the bottom of the waterfall, we'd arranged to take it in turns to keep a watchful eye on our surroundings for fear that the Braymachine or some zombies would stumble upon us. I slept like a baby that night, albeit a baby who was very ill, as when I woke up I was lying in my own puke. It was reminisant of waking up in a room I rented when I lived in worcester.

I looked up and saw Royston was on "guard" fast asleep, I needed to get rid of the sick so thought I'd go to the bottom of the waterfall and clean myself up.

As I approached the waterfall's base, I was suprised by a zombie. He hadn't seen me and was crouched down a few feet away eating something. Looking around me I found a large rock, and I carefully picked it up trying not to make any noise whatsoever. Then, with large rock held firmly in both hands, I crept up behind the zombie but and as I drew close raised my arms up... however, the rock was quite heavy, and as I rasied the rock high above my head, I realised that my lack of upper body strength and the forces of gravity were teaming up to fell me... like a domino I fell backwards, landing with a sickening thud... in a heart beat the zombie came at me, but I was too weak to move... I closed my eyes and prepared for the innevitable...

Obviously the zombie however didn't kill me or I wouldn't be updating you on my progress would I? It kind of draws away from any dramatic tension that I write to you dear readers, sitting there on your cosy chair/throne of bones/toilet seat without a care in the world.

As the zombie approached me, a loud gunshot pierced the air and the zombie fell to his knees, dead. I scrambled up to thank my savoir and was completly suprised to see that it was one of the scientists that I had posted to the island. I was about to thank him when he raised his gun up at me, and started raving on about it was all my fault, and I was the reason so many people had died. I argued with him that I didn't force him to contribute towards the Zombie Virus (tm) to which he reminded me that I had abducted him and most of his colleagues in the middle of the night and forced them to work for their freedom.

Looking back, I probably shouldn't have bought the island, abducted the scientists, forced them to make Zombie Virus (tm) or bought those magic beans off that wierd homeless guy... but hindsight wouldn't stop this (mad?) scientist from shooting me. At this point Polly, Royston and Milli turned up to find out where the gunshot had come from, the scientist turned his gun in there direction and shot at them in suprise. Everything happened in slow motion...

The bullet shot out the calibre, and headed towards Milli, Royston and Polly, all three of them like rabbits in the headlights, knowing that the bullet was going to hit one of them... The bullet span through the air for what seemed like an age, and drew closer with every mili-second. The three of them looked on at their innevitable fate and...

Oh great! The battery on this thing needs recharging, I better do it or I'll suddenly cut out without telling you wh


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